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It’s a tremendously stimulating thing for each person who has learned that a small group of individuals can change the world if they really want to.” 

Patrick E. Haggerty 
the Dallas Morning. News, 1963

cofounder Texas Instruments 

Chief Creative Officer



Nectar is reinventing the food system in order to reverse climate change, create worldwide economic prosperity, and eliminate chronic disease. Critical to achieving these

outcomes is an intelligent production platform that outperforms traditional field farming. Nectar’s autonomous crop production system can grow any

crop without the use of fertilizers or pesticides and requires over 90% less water than traditional farming.

To visually convey this in a symbol, I combined the core design of the system to reveal an enclose a stacked pod. This design symbolizes not only the enclosed farm system that

makes the mission possible, but also the symbiotic relationship between the bee, hummingbird, and flower that plants rely on for pollination and, ultimately, survival.

Chief Creative Officer


Logo Creation

Brand Consultation

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