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& creatively counting.

This is the same speech I'd give at career day, I just wish they'd invite me...

As a Creative and User Experience Design Director, I lead and collaborate with software engineers , UI architects , CEOs, Partners and Stakeholders to build enterprise level SaaS products and cloud-based (internet) software.

My ultimate job is to ensure the requirements I gather from humans, (sometimes we call them users) get designed and implemented in the most helpful, understandable and efficient ways possible.

For the past 4ish years, my focus has been in SaaS software for the short term vacation rental and hospitality space.

Texas Tech University 
Bachelor of Fine Arts | 2009-2014

I majored in Communication Design and minored in Advertising at Texas Tech University. I chose Texas Tech for its renowned Communication Design program (now known as graphic design). I was also Creative Director for the Texas Tech American Advertising Federation National Advertising Competition Team, and helped lead that team to 1st place in the district level, and 3rd place in the National Level of the NSAC Competition.


Creative Director, UX Product Owner, Customer Support
At JANIIS, I had the pleasure of creating enterprise software used by property management companies to stay ahead of the game. You can see it all on the JANIIIS website.

The JANIIS platform is:

  • Property Management and Vacation Rental Software

  • Accounting 

  • CRM

  • Direct reservation system,

  • Secure compliant payments,

  • Branded website tool

  • Housekeeping/Maintenance Management

  • Automation

Basically, we tried to help eliminate wasteful process for our users to make work more fun and simple. 

I also co-managed the customer support team in order to engage in direct client feedback for our products. I find having a hands-on approach (is this still a term in 2020?) enables me to quickly design and test solutions so that our engineers valuable time is spent creating the most optimized, useful and customer approved products.

Yes McKinley, I draw pictures for a living. But...
I gotta redraw them sometimes.

On the brand and marketing side of my job, I managed and designed our website and all visual communications across all mediums to ensure JANIIS' message read with accuracy and authenticity, to better serve their industry at large.


Credera: UX Designer

In User Experience Design Consultation, I've served with brilliant minds designing SaaS tools in the healthcare, food services and production & manufacturing staffing industry as well as mobile/web apps for various industries. I learned so much here.


ROAM: Ux & GRAPHIC design Lead
One time my famed graphic design professor, Dirk Fowler, said something like, "Design can be as simple and important as helping someone find the restroom."  So, two  weeks after graduating from Fine Art school, I took a job doing that. As a user experience design lead for ROAM,  I designed fancy interactive signage for fancy downtown buildings used for wayfinding and more

Designy: CEO, Founder
Honestly, this company was created so I could have creative conversations, and get paid doing it. Designy is a creative consultancy, but mostly it's my brain, getting with other peoples brains, helping those brains speak to the brains they're trying to help. I give
 visual language advice, with a big socially responsible heart. Designy helps people communicate visually.


I won't die inside you if you
ask me to use:


  • Any Adobe Product, Ever 

    • Shoutout Illustrator & Photoshop

    • Shoutout AfterEffects & Premier​​

  • Figma

  • Sketch

  • WIX

  • Webflow, Bubble, the like

  • Hubspot

  • Mailchimp

  • Instapage

  • Shopify

  • Word(eyetwitch)press

  • Google 

    • Slides​

    • Docs

    • Anything

  • Keynote

  • Something New

Core Values


I work with thoughtful anticipation of others, strong concepts, and rock-solid rationale. I believe all design must be done with thoughtful consideration.


I have faith in my big ideas and make them happen with the  resources on-hand. I am self-driven,  scrappy, and ruthless to the cause.


Design is a labor of love, it’s the only reason for doing it. I love the world, others, my clients and my craft. Without love, this trade ceases to be more than mere decoration; love transcends time.


I do everything with a  good moral compass. I do not contribute to design pollution, instead my hope is to leave the world/client/project/friend better than I found it.


My designs are not to be affected by the passage of time or changes in trend. I create work that sustains itself through its message, authenticity, and accuracy towards its subject matter.


How? Love, TARS, love!  INTERSTELLAR

Thank you for your interest,

I'm not looking for a new job.

Best of luck in your search.

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