Why, hello there.

I'm Stephany.
Designer. Spitfire. Black Coffee Drinker.

I blew into Dallas this summer from Lubbock, Texas. I'm a 2014 alumni of Texas Tech University where I majored in Communication Design and minored in Advertising with an emphasis in all-nighters.

I pride myself on embodying the idea of a hybrid designer. I've worked in a marketing agency in Lubbock, Texas, a PR firm in Dallas, and most recently I dove head-first into the world of UI/UX Design for a start-up out of Deep Ellum. 

In school, I served as Creative Director for the Texas Tech AAF Ad Team and helped lead our team to third place in Nationals in the AAF National Student Advertising Competition. It was kind of a big deal.

I practice safe design by always using a concept and I'm besties with the devil that lives in the details. And yes, I freelance, too. Let's talk.

P.S: I'm looking for work. Your next steps:
1. Download my resume.
2. Hire me.
3. Rejoice.