2014: Endings, Beginnings & Pizza Crumbs.


I ended a 3 year long relationship...on New Years Day. 

I lost 20 pounds...or something like that. 

I saw the sunrise at least 100 times because I never slept my last semester. And if I did it was on a velvet, fuchsia-colored couch in the Mass Communications building...because I am fancy.

I helped lead the Texas Tech Ad Team to 1st place in District, and 3rd place in the nation.

I took a $30 shot of whiskey, lost my wallet on 6th Street and sang songs with my teammates on a private beach in Boca Raton. 

I went to New York City and three of the biggest advertising and design agencies in the world. I entertained the idea of working at one, but in the end I didn't have the balls (or money). 

I got cheated on by a guy I wasn't serious about in the first place...and laughed. 

I completed my portfolio: stephanybradford.com.

I discovered my true passion in life: perfect eyebrows. 

I graduated college from Texas Tech.

I moved to uptown Dallas with my oldest friend. I said goodbye to my house/home of 17 years when my parents moved to Wylie.

I became a small child person's aunt.

I downloaded tinder.

I missed my family, especially the ones in heaven. I wanted to ask them how to...adult.

I went on 8 interviews, worked for a start up, met the most wonderful people, made a new best friend, and got a job as an art director.

I found a man I'd give my life for...his name is William Barrett Ward and he's 6 months old.

I deleted tinder. 

I turned 23 and magically started caring a lot about my skin and decided I actually hate uptown bars.

I fell in love hard, truly, madly and deeply...with pizza and brunch.

I found a new church and my old Bible. 

I struggled a lot, I got a lot of things I never deserved, and a lot that I did. I saw God's grace. I became an adult.

It doesn't take a new year for endings and beginnings, they happen every day.