I'm Stephany with a why.

Designer. Spitfire. Black Coffee Drinker.

My goal is to help others create with passion and purpose and use design to solve complex problems to help people, society, and the world. 

I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts (my diploma literally just says "Art", it's hilarious) at Texas Tech, where I majored in Communication Design and Advertising. 

Since then, I've fallen in love with Dallas where I've worked as a creative director, a UX/UI design consultant, brand strategists and, at the ripe old age of twenty-five, started a design consultancy called Designy.

As the owner and Chief Creative Consultant of Designy LLC, I fuse my own talents with those of fellow creatives and partner companies to provide brand and user experience auditing, consultation and strategy to companies. We help people communicate complicated products or services in unique ways, translate core values into tailored brands, and make events come to fruition by creating sponsorship decks that raise thousands of dollars. 

I just want to help others communicate visually. To me, that's what design is all about, and I'll be doing that until I die.